Thursday, October 29, 2009

Getting Clients through a Design Blog

Brian Hoff's thedesigncubicle is a design blog that is aimed at helping and inspiring designers. I recently read an interesting article titled How a Design Blog is Attractive to Clients. In this article, Brian addresses some issues the question "Does your blog bring you business? If so, how?"

While most design blogs are very helpful to other designers in the design community, they can also be used to showcase work and work habits. In the article, Brian touches on several ways blogs can be used to gain business from new clients.

The first suggestion Brian gives is to include insight into the process. It is always a good idea to do this so clients can learn about how you work as a designer. This will let them know exactly how much work goes into each project and what they are paying for, which is always a good thing. Brian then stresses the importance of, not only showcasing your work, but also being able to talk about it. Clients will be impressed and excited about your work if you talk about it like you are excited about it.

Showcasing your personality in a blog is also important. When clients hire online, they want to know who they are shelling all of their money out to. When showcasing your personality online, make sure to have consistency between writing style and speaking style.

Next, Brian states that your blog can assist in trusting relationships. This can be done by giving insight into process and showcasing work and personality. Also, when potential clients are able to read comments of your work, it gives them even more insight into your work.

thedesigncubicle often shares resources for no other reason than to help other designers. This can also serve another purpose of informing potential clients. It is always good have informed clients; when they are informed they are more likely to understand your process and the design choices you might make along the way.

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