Thursday, October 15, 2009

Creative Spaces

I found this on a blog showcasing 15 examples of modern web design. The site is meant to help artists find affordable spaces to exhibit or develop their work. The site allows users to both find and list spaces available to this market. The "creative spaces" may be available lease or share for a short period of time. Users can read case studies on how ordinary spaces can be transformed into places for art projects. The site is marketed to artists interested in finding a space somewhere in Victoria.

Not only is this site extremely aesthetically pleasing, but it serves a unique purpose in assisting other artists. The site is very intuitive in terms of navigation. All main navigation is located at the top with sub navigation located on a side bar.

The concept for the site is also very unique and could really be expanded into a much larger, international service. The site is just overall a really nice example of modern web design from its form to its function.

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