Friday, December 4, 2009

Colorless Packaging

Colorless eco friendly packaging has been proposed by Ryan Harc, member of the Behance Network. The idea is that by not spraying color onto the can, we would be reducing air and water pollution. Rather than painting the can, the logo would simply pop out of the can in a convex manner. This process would also reduce energy and effort in the recycling process. When cans arrive at the recycling plant, they must be stripped of their toxic color which takes a lot of energy that could be saved by going colorless.

This is a really cool idea but I'm not sure the huge manufacturers would go for something like this. Coca-Cola really relies on its being red to be identified. When I see a red can, the first thing I think is Coca-Cola. I do think that if manufacturers really just gave this a try, it could work eventually. However it would take a good amount of time for consumers to adjust to the change.

I also like that this project brings the focus off of the color and onto the actual logo design of each soda manufacturer. This would really be a nice test for those logos that rely so much on color. Logos should always work in black and white first before color is brought into the mix, so I think consumers would buy according more to the design of the logo if this proposal were to go into effect.

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